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Suhagra is a potent medicine that contains Sildenafil as its active ingredient. Suhagra as a curative agent works to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence in men. Erectile Dysfunction comes in place when blood flows insufficiently into the penis. Erectile dysfunction may be the resultant effect of anxiety, stress, depression, injury, disease, obesity, drinking or smoking. Suhagra does not work as an STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) inhibitor, therefore, don’t take it for medical conditions such as gonorrhea, HIV or Syphilis. Suhagra is also used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension.


Sildenafil medicine is used in treating patients suffering from impotence and pulmonary arterial hypertension. It is used basically on adult men for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). Suhagra also helps with the treatment of hypertension. The use of Sildenafil fosters a Patient’s capability to exercise effectively his body.

Mode of Indication, Dosage, and Duration of Treatments

Ensure you follow every given instruction or direction by your doctor or pharmacist. Make sure you do not take Suhagra more, less, or longer than it is recommended by your doctor. Adhere to every given direction on the prescription label. You may take Suhagra medicine with or without a meal. Stay away from heavy machinery or driving after the use of Suhagra- the use of Suhagra may lead to sleepiness. Seek the appropriate directions on dosage and duration of treatments from your medical instructor especially when you are on the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension. It is advisable to use Suhagra as prescribed so as to get the right result. When you use Suhagra for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, ensure you use the drug an hour or half before sexual activity. Suhagra remains ineffective when used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction if you are not sexually stimulated. Suhagra should not be recommended for children and women.


You are advised to observe the following precautions before or during the use of Suhagra:

  • Patients who are hypersensitive to Suhagra should avoid the use if Sildenafil.
  • Ensure you inform your doctor about all medications in use especially blood pressure drugs.
  • Pregnant women or those that may become pregnant while using this drug should keep away from its use.
  • Lactating mothers should inform their doctors before the use of Sildenafil
  • Keep your doctor abreast if you have any of the following:
    • Heart diseases;
    • Hypertension;
    • Sickle cell anemia;
    • Kidney disease;
    • Physical deformity of the penis;
    • Retinitis pigmentosa;
    • Leukemia;
    • Multiple myelomas.
  • Keep your surgeon informed early on the use of Suhagra when it is certain that you will undergo surgery soon.
  • The use of Suhagra is restricted from children under the age of 18 years old.

Side Effects

Like other meds, the following side effects may show up after or when on the use of Suhagra:

  • Headache;
  • Nausea;
  • Dizziness;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Deafness;
  • Flushing;
  • Insomnia;
  • Bleeding from the nostrils;
  • Indigestion;
  • Painful urination;
  • Palpitations;
  • Burning, numbness, in your arms and feet;
  • Prolonged and painful erection;
  • Bloody and cloudy urine;
  • Visual problems;
  • Inordinate tearing of the eye;
  • Nasal congestion;
  • Ringing or buzzing in your ears;
  • Sensitivity to light.

Missed Dose

In a situation whereby you forget to take your medicine at the speculated time, it is still permissible to use immediately you remember. Ensure the time for this intake is not in close proximity with the next dose. Follow the direction given on the number of doses expected to be taken.


It is expedient to seek your doctor’s help when you take more than the prescribed number of doses. Following instructions is very paramount to good medical treatment. Ensure you adhere to all given instructions.

Interaction with other drugs

The interaction of Suhagra with other drugs especially new medication may lead to a series of unwanted effects on the user. You are then advised to duly inform your doctor before taking any new med with Suhagra. Drugs such as clarithromycin, warfarin, amlodipine, imatinib mesylate, carbamazepine, atazanavir, dexamethasone, ketoconazole, isoniazid, nitroglycerin, terazosin, ACE inhibitors, atenolol, tamsulosin, etc., may interact with Suhagra. The intake of Sildenafil with alcohol may result in incessant headache, fainting, dizziness, heart rate changes, etc.